Remember God Resists The Proud 

We live in a society that encourages pride, greed and lust. There are multi billion dollar industries that do little more than feed all three in the name of "self improvement" or "self help". Should Christians exalt themselves? Is self exaltation ever warranted in the Bible? The short Biblical answer is no and no. We … Continue reading Remember God Resists The Proud 


Politics & Religion

In one of my seminary classes the professor said something along the lines that we should chose to stay away from politics because we have already chosen one controversial antagonistic perspective and choosing two would suggest we were a glutton for punishment. At the time I was offended, arguing politics had become one of my favorite past times. I enjoy the world of politics, the debates and the feeling that somehow you have the "right cause" at heart...

The Chicago Statement On Biblical Hermeneutics (1982)

Summit I of the International Council on Biblical Inerrancy took place in Chicago on October 26-28, 1978 for the purpose of affirming afresh the doctrine of the inerrancy of Scripture, making clear the understanding of it and warning against its denial. In the seven years since Summit I, God has blessed that effort in ways … Continue reading The Chicago Statement On Biblical Hermeneutics (1982)