We have seen the explosion of the selfie photograph, a quick pic of who you are at any given moment. Blogs are selfies of words. A quick glimpse of who we are at the moment of writing. A snapshot of thoughts, shared amongst the cyber masses.

I do not know about anyone else who blogs but I blog for therapeutic reasons. I've always been a writer and there is something very soothing about expressing oneself through words. I think that's why I love the Bible so much, it's Gods essence shaped into words, captured in all eternity on the pages. I love writing, painting with words, singing a song of letters.

Truth, is refreshing when spoken from another soul in verbatim. Writing is refreshing, powerful, edifying, it is primal.

Blogging is a sort of way of sharing my particular perspective of the world. Exposing my love for Christ, my obsession with good food, ancient literature and country living. Writing brings me release & a specific type of comfort. In the early morning hours with my coffee and a few well penned sentences I find scholarly solace. I love writing.

I also love reading other writers thoughts. Sharing in your human experience via the lines you have chosen to share with me. This is personal, this is sharing your inner most thoughts, undressing your emotions and unclothing your desires for me to see. Even deeper than seeing, to experience. I appreciate your honesty. I am attracted to authentic writers.

As I read what you have written, we become one. I slip inside you, seeing the world through your eyes. I like to keep it like this, pure. Keeping our interactions undefiled by validation, likes, follows or uncomfortable forced comments. If I follow you, I read you. I enjoy seeing the world from your perspective. If I follow you, your style resonates with something inside of me, that I find enjoyable. I follow you for selfish reasons, I enjoy your "work".

Please, let's keep that reciprocal. Follow me only if you like following me. Not for the hopes of a follow back. I am a heavy liker and commentator. If I enjoy your posts you will know it. I want my blog to grow authentically and organically. I do not blog for validation. I blog for enjoyment. I absolutely want it to remain that way. Blog for fun, not follows, or fame. ❤️

12 thoughts on “Blogs = Word Selfies : Writing For Fun Not Follows

  1. This is so appreciated. I post Bible verses, and recently a short story here and there. I was drawn into the many blogs that are honest, the ones that share God’s love, and others that just speak to me. I love poetry too. I too “like” what I like, comment if I have something to say, and I figure God will do the rest. He always does :):) The blog was a convenience for me, in the beginning, that has turned into a wonderful blessing. God bless you 🙂

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    1. Amen! I don’t know how you feel about it but I believe blogging is the less corrupted of social media platforms if that makes sense? Most of the others are popularity contests or so worldly, it’s hard to enjoy them. Blogging seems more about content and less about branding of a projected and often false ego.

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      1. I have found everyone to be nice and inviting. I can’t speak on the other forms of social media because I don’t have any. No twitter, facebook, anything like that. I did register for Instagram a month or so ago. A friend of mine had an account and I wanted to be able to like her pictures, and comment. After 2 weeks it wanted a phone number to let me to continue to log in. That was the end of my Instagram hahaha. But wordpress has been a true blessing to me.

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  2. Hi! I may seem like a new follower to your blog, but I am not. I used to have a different online identity, but something in me changed and I decided to erase what I didn’t think was good and come back. I have always appreciated what you write and I look forward to continuing to follow.

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  3. I love the way you compare blogs to selfies. Never really thought of it that way, but I also blog because I like to write and not because I want to get followers. I enjoy writing and want to share what God shares with me.

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  4. I enjoy your writing style. This post is perfect. It is very therapeutic to write out my thoughts and share my life. If someone wants to read my thoughts, then great. If not, then that’s okay too. It’s fun for me to look back at older posts and see how I have changed over time or simply remember old experiences.

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    1. I used to hate technology and social media, and I felt blogging was pretentious but now I feel that was just fear of the unknown. I now LOVE it now and thank you for the kind words! It’s kinda like tattoos – you should do it for yourself – not other people’s attention 😁


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